We’re a locally owned and operated team of over 250 NT professionals maintaining, cleaning and constructing the territory to a level of quality unmatched in our industry.

We’re just as proud of our record of delivering high profile public projects as we are of the way we go about our work – transparent, honest, collaborative and people-focused.

Just like the Territory itself.

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We don’t just claim quality, we prove it with world-leading accreditation in three key areas:

  • ISO 9001 for quality management.
  • ISO 14001 for enviro management.
  • AS/NZS 4801 for safety.

And so we are always leading the way in reaching higher levels, we’re the only maintenance company in the Territory who delivers a full report after each project, so we can learn from, and apply, any lessons learnt to make the next one even better.



We only hire local Territorians - no backpackers, no seasonal staff and no cheap foreign labour. We carefully vet them for professionalism, experience and attitude - then treat them damn well. For us it means an unprecedented turnover rate of below 10%, in an industry known for around 250%. For you that means long-term staff, providing consistency of service and investment in your projects.



We’re interested in relationships, not in making a quick buck. So we collaborate to find the best way to complete projects to scope and to budget - no margin squeezes or expensive excuses if the scope changes. We’re also constantly looking for new innovations to make us a better choice - and we’re the only one of our kind not shy to hand the instructions manual over after completion so you have control.



With over 250 professional staff on our books from horticulturalists and cleaners to plumbers and builders, we have the team to get literally any maintenance job done.
We always start by understanding your project inside and out, then assemble the perfect team you need to get it done. So whether you need a public marina, or a remote camping site designed, built and maintained, there’s only one place to turn.


You benefit

From locally based staff able to start projects at the drop of a hat; staff who are permanent members of our team, not transient workers, who are invested in your project and know what you require from the first day you work with us till the last.



Our staff benefit

From having access to local owners who understand the conditions they work in.



The community benefits

From a business dedicated to maintaining the Territory and the people within it.