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Rural roadside maintenance from fire breaks to amenity management.

We’re the team removing the bins, controlling the weeds, clearing the spaces and cleaning the amenities in the “middle of nowhere”.

Operating from x to y to z, we’re able to take care of all the “little things” that can be the difference in controlling an outbreak of disease or fire and that make the facilities more pleasant for the people passing through.

What we can do.

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  • Remote construction
  • Maintenance
  • Roadside slashing
  • Bin removal
  • Amenity maintenance and cleaning
  • Weed control
  • Campsite maintenance
  • Fire break clearing

Remote areas we maintain.

  • Airservices Australia – Asset Management for Knuckeys Lagoon, Shoal Bay, Howard Springs. Provision of grounds maintenance and weed management to ASA aerial farms within the Northern Region since 1996.
  • Department of Infrastructure Darwin Region – Period Contract Rural Road Amenities Maintenance for a period of 36 Months. Maintenance of BBQ and truck stop areas, cleaning of amenities and waste management.
  • Darwin Region – Period Contract for the Slashing and Vegetation Management within the road reserves. All rural main road areas from Darwin to Jabiru and Pine Creek. Slashing roadsides and weed management.
  • Parks and Wildlife Commission of the NT
  • Paspaley Pearling
  • Greening Australia
View Dinah Beach Boat Ramp Pontoon Repairs project   here  .

View Dinah Beach Boat Ramp Pontoon Repairs project here.