Complete maintenance services
for the Northern Territory.


We’re a locally owned and operated team of over 250 NT professionals maintaining, cleaning and constructing the territory to a level of quality unmatched in our industry.

We’re just as proud of our record of delivering high profile public projects as we are of the way we go about our work – transparent, honest, collaborative and people-focused.

Just like the Territory itself.


Horticulturalist maintained public spaces from mowing to irrigation.


On-time design, construction and installation from footpaths to playgrounds.


Skilled maintenance and
construction from roofing to plumbing.


Consistently quality and enviro-friendly services from offices to highways.


Rural roadside maintenance
from fire breaks to amenity management.



We prove our quality with
world-leading accreditation
in three key areas.


We only hire locals - no
backpackers, seasonal staff
or casual labour.


We’re interested in
relationships, not in making
a quick buck.


We have the team to get
literally any maintenance job


You benefit

From locally based staff able to start projects at the drop of a hat; staff who are permanent members of our team, not transient workers, who are invested in your project and know what you require from the first day you work with us till the last.



Our staff benefit

From having access to local owners who understand the conditions they work in.



The community benefits

From a business dedicated to maintaining the Territory and the people within it.


We don’t just claim quality, we prove it with world-leading accreditation in three key areas:


What our clients say

Sunbuild have engaged Sterling NT for several large, challenging landscaping contracts over the past 18 months, from a large government school project to a high end domestic landscaping project and found them to be very efficient, professional and more than capable to deliver not only landscaping but a vast range of related services to cater for each individual project.

I would not hesitate recommending them to potential clients and intend to utilise their services in the future.
— Rob Thompson, Project Manager, Sunbuild
Sterling NT staff are reliable, friendly and dedicated. In addition, Sterling NT provides a competitively priced and reputable service. We have no hesitation in recommending Sterling NT.
— Andrew Hopper, General Manager, NT Major Events Company