We believe our responsibilities lie beyond delivering services.

We’ve been operating in the Territory since 1985 and pride ourselves in giving back to the communities that make up this great place. In addition to sponsoring local events and donating money to a number of local causes, we’re particularly proud to be involved in a number of great initiatives that are making a big difference in the lives of our community members.

Wherever possible we use NT owned suppliers - not wherever’s convenient, but wherever we can get it from our home we do, even if it costs us more.

And to make sure those companies are supporting NT too, we only work with suppliers who are compliant with Fair Work Australia standards and have other key policies in place, such as environmental, quality and OH&S management systems.

We’ve been a Registered Training Organisation for over 12 years and currently provide our staff with the opportunity to gain valuable nationally-recognised Certificate II & III qualifications for a variety of skills and trades.

Each new employee goes through a formal induction program, which includes mentorship to help identify gaps in training - which we then fill using our in-house training team or through our partnerships with Charles Darwin University and other local training organisations. We believe this formal training benefits our business, our employees and our communities.

We work with several other organisations to maximise engagement with the Territory's Indigenous population. Just some examples are:

Karen Sheldon Training - we’re helping Indigenous youth from tough backgrounds learn crucial job skills for a better life.

i.e.Project - we’re helping provide training pathway for Indigenous people to transition to working, including courses on the basics of employment and assistance in coping with the pressures of employers, family and community.

Marrara Christian School - our partnership with their VET program helps ensure our next generation have the skills required to provide their communities with great role models.

Aboriginal Liaison Officers - We’ve employed dedicated staff members to help set up pathways for our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community members to work with us. We offer on the job training, skills education and ongoing support to make entering or returning to the workforce easier.

10% of our profits go straight back to the community in local sponsorships and support of local events. We’re proud to currently help support:

  • Hellenic Football

  • Sterling NT Basketball Team in FAANT Basketball League

  • McKillop Sharks Rugby League Club - mens and womens

  • Bryce Fullwood Racing

  • Henbury Specials School

  • Katherine Rodeo

  • NT Friendship and Support Inc

We’re helping ex-prisoners get their lives back on track by being a part of the Sentenced to a Job employment initiative that offers training, work experience and education to local people upon release from a correctional facility.

We’re also proud to make donations each year to The Fred Hollows Foundation to support their efforts in restoring eyesight to thousands of people around the globe.